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This section of the website contains sample material for:


Contains a complete listening paper & a complete reading paper.

AS Level

Contains a complete interactive exam paper.

A2 Level

Contains a complete interactive exam paper.


Contains a complete unit on the use and formation of the conditional mood.  

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The samples accessible from this page are but a tiny sample of the material available on www.frenchrevision.co.uk:

Sample material

The grammar section of frenchrevision.co.uk contains material on almost every aspect of grammar needed at KS3, KS4 and KS5 level.
The intermediate section contains thousands of exercises, interactive papers with vocab tests and tons of extra material.
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The advanced section of frenchrevision.co.uk contains interactive past papers with transcripts, translations and dictations. There are a whole host of exam practice style exercises for students to hone their exam skills.
All new exercises work on mobile devices
The contrôle section of frenchrevision.co.uk contains a comprehensive variety of exercises to test students’ knowledge of all things to do with grammar. Automatic and comprehensive feedback is given to enable students to learn from their mistakes.