This remarkable website makes life easy for teachers because they have no marking to do.
Departments who have access to an interactive whiteboard can make use of this resource in their own classroom.


Language lab use

This website is ideal for use in a language lab - no marking from the teacher is necessary and the pupils are fully engaged in real exam practice.

It complements the studies of any year group; the user can choose whatever exercise they wish in the following ways:


  • By skill
  • By level


Compatible with all exam boards (AQA, OCR and Edexcel)

The GCSE French Practice Exam Papers website is a truly unique resource:
These papers are in interactive form – the questions mark themselves!
There are 22 sets of practice papers included on this website. There are over 130 exam practice exercises to do! 


The website contains over 500 individual questions, covering all four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing). They are designed to work on any web browser.


Better results

Developed over a period of three years by an Advanced Skills Teacher, these are now only available exclusively from


Careful use of this website has shown a marked improvement in results.

Students find this an extremely motivating resource because they can keep track of their own results, and more importantly they are aware of their own progress.