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Video to sound

These exercises use France 3's Soir 3 television programme.


TF1 exercises

Listening practice using TF1's eight o'clock news headlines.

Gap-fill exercises

Practise one of the more difficult exam skills using France 3's Soir 3 television programme.

Score 80% or more to access the vocabulary building exercises.


Better communication & understanding = better exam grade

This set of exam practice exercises contains three sections:


1 - Video to sound exercises

These exercises are pure listening practice exercises. You re presented with three videos from which the sound has been removed. You also have three sound tracks to listen to. The aim of the exercise is to listen to the audio clips, watch the video clips and match the correct pairs together.


 2- TF1 exercises

These exercises are listening comprehension practice exercises, gap-fill exercises and vocabulary building exercises in one! You are given TF1's eight o'clock news headlines to watch. You are also given that day's headlines in text form. You have to fill in the blanks with the suggestions given and put the headlines in the correct sequence from what you see and hear on the video clip. Finally, once you achieve 80% in this exercise, you are taken to a vocabulary matching exercise that you can print off once you have completed it.

3 - Gap-fill exercises

Many students find this type of exercise a real challenge. Based on summaries from France 3's Soir 3 programme, students need to complete a gap-fill type exercise. This exercise is multi-skill in that students have three choices:

  • Work with original source text.
  • Work with the sound track only.
  • Work with the video.