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This website contains thousands of interactive exercises to help you with your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Interactive exam papers

Do you want to practise exam papers, have the papers marked automatically, get feedback, tips on exam technique and learn new vocabulary? Look no further: has hundreds of interactive past papers dating back to 1998 covering all three major exam boards.

Interactive grammar

Do you want to know your adjective from your pronoun? Thousands of interactive games and exercises to help you get to grips with all aspects of French grammar in a fun and stimulating way. You can now put your books away!

For teachers is the ultimate revision site for all things French. For students it allows for independent study and revision of the areas that really matter in their exams. For teachers it is an invaluable resource that will save hundreds of hours of marking and feedback. It contains: Audio material Video material Past exam papers which mark themselves Grammar games and exercises Notes and advice Developed by an Advanced Skills Teacher over many years, the material contained in has helped countless students across the world do better in their exams. The fun, engaging varied exercises and games make revising for exams so much more enjoyable. Explore all the site has to offer by using the navigation bar at the top of the page.

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I have created much of this eclectic collection of material using the brilliant 'Hot Potatoes'. The newer material has been made using what is without doubt the Ultimate e-Learning Toolkit: iSpring Suite.
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